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Grenada is a major producer of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. Just visit the colorful Spice Market to be surrounded by seductive drifts of spice aromas. Let Grenada spice up your dream vacation and let your senses to be immerse in all-natural Caribbean ingredients.

Grenada is a small, mountainous Eastern Caribbean Island located just 12 degrees north of Equator. Together with it's two sister isles Carriacou and Petite Martinique, they make up the nation of Grenada. Small by a land size, but grand by its offering, Grenada has everything you want from a Caribbean island!

The history of Grenada is rich and full of heritage; the beaches are golden and pristine, and waters are crystal clear and turquois. The rainforest is lush, with cooling and sparkling waterfalls and awash with magnificent fauna and flora. The sport fishing and diving is world-class! St. Georges, the capitol, is vibrant and alluring. Grenadians are welcoming and as warm as the climate of their beloved country. The life style is simple and laid back - the way Caribbean supposes to be!

Spice Isle of the Caribbean! 


The main types of music popular in Grenada are calypso and reggae. French Caribbean music known as ‘zouk’ now seems to be having a strong influence on calypso. There are a few local bands who mainly play on the hotel circuit. Steel pan, originating in neighbouring Trinidad, is a major part of the music scene and is improving in standard all the time. There are also a few drumming groups scattered around the island.



Grenada being the ‘Isle of Spice’, it is expected that the cuisine uses plenty of spices, nutmeg, bay leaf, allspice, capsicum, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, clove and ginger. Grenadians like to use hot pepper sauce as an accompaniment and some good varieties are available for sale. Chicken dishes are popular, especially barbeque, and fish (fresh local fish and salted cod). Crab and callaloo (a spinach-like vegetable) is a speciality as is oil-down, a stew with coconut, breadfruit, vegetables and often pork or fish. 



Tourism as an industry is growing more and more. The majority of the hotels are small-scale and locally-owned but now there are a few larger hotels and there are many more projects being planned, especially all-inclusive resorts. Many of these are foreign-owned. Carriacou has mainly small guest houses and secluded intimate resorts and Petite Martinique has been barely touched by tourism.


Spice Isle of the Caribbean! 


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